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Reflexology is a wonderful therapy that is both safe and effective during pregnancy. It's proven to improve your general well being, is extremely relaxing and helps your body adjust to the major hormonal changes you are undergoing.

Having been trained by Sally Earlam who is the Maternity Specialist and Head of Training and Education Association of Reflexologists (AoR) I am well placed to help you throughout your pregnancy. Sally has many years experience as both a midwife and a reflexologist and is regularly invited to write articles for leading parenting magazines in the UK.

Regular Reflexology treatments can help to manage, prevent and relieve many symptoms experienced during pregnancy, including:

Morning sickness




Swollen feet and legs/ Edema


Pelvic and lower back pain



Tiredness and breathlessness

​Even though reflexology is safe during pregnancy there are instances when it is contraindicated as follows

Placenta Previa (Post 32 weeks if the placenta is still low)

Pre Eclampsia

Recent Vaginal Bleeding

Abnormal Amniotic Fluid 

History of Pre-term Labour​​

Postnatal reflexology is a gentle and natural way to help you recover after your baby has arrived and can help with the following: 

Balancing and restoring hormone levels

General physical and emotional well being

Energy loss and tiredness due to lack of sleep



Assists in the prevention of Post Natal Depression

Stress, tiredness, and exhaustion

Encourages healing after surgical intervention

I am always very happy for you to bring your baby along to the appointment and I often find that babies enjoy the treatment just as much as mums do.  I also am happy to provide a home visit for a small additional fee. 

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