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Maternity Dress


Congratulations, your due date is fast approaching and you must be so excited about meeting your little one.


As we all know babies have their own agenda and quite often they like to keep their parents waiting!!  Many women during this period can experience feelings of anxiousness and as a consequence, the natural release of oxytocin (which triggers uterine contractions) can be slowed.   

The purpose of reflexology for birthing is to relax, to earth and ground, to balance hormones, and to reconnect more deeply with the overall ripening process in preparation for labour.

This beautiful treatment is not about forcing anything.  As a reflexologist, I'm not able to induce labour the same way as the medical interventions of induction however reflexology provides a natural way for your body to transition into the most optimal state of relaxation and readiness. 

During each visit, your baby will be enjoying the benefits of the session too, as hormones are shared through the placenta and bloodstream. The effect of the treatment will be a lowering of adrenaline levels and increasing of natural oxytocin. Babies love reflexology and always seem to have such a wonderful reaction to the balancing energy.

When used after 37 weeks, reflexology for labour and birthing has been shown to reduce pain, duration, and often the need for medical interventions during the birthing process.

During your session you will be seated comfortably on the massage table with pillows and blankets, we will chat about recent appointments with your obstetrician or midwife and I will discuss the methods of reflexology to be used for example the use of acupressure points, reflexology lymphatic drainage and the stimulation of endocrine reflexes. 

I always advise new clients visiting for the first time to enjoy a regular relaxing and restorative reflexology session first before moving into the natural labour induction reflexology treatment (quite often this first treatment might be enough to get things started).  

Nature is wonderful and when mum and baby are relaxed and calm and both are feeling safe and nurtured then the birthing process can often begin x 

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