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Reproflexology TM  is an advanced method of reflexology which can aid fertility in both men and women. It was developed by UK Reflexologist Barbara Scott who was presented the Innovation in Reflexology Award by the Association of Reflexologists in 2019. Barbara speaks and lectures globally on her integrative approach to supporting couples having difficulties conceiving. She has spoken at many of the Fertility Shows and Fertility Fest and graciously passes on her knowledge to reflexologists worldwide.  

I am one of only two practitioners qualified to practice Reproflexology in Australia.

Reproductive Reflexology is an all-encompassing approach to your fertility journey.

I have been trained by Barbara Scott to use structured and prescriptive treatment protocols to support couples throughout all phases of both natural and assisted conception.

The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists undertook a data collection study of 180 clients, who were receiving reproductive reflexology whilst trying to conceive. Results were as follows:

100 natural conceptions

22 conceptions with IVF/ICSI

Age range 24-46

The average number of treatments, 11.32

68% conceived while receiving treatments

Pregnancy with IVF/ICSI 52%

Before your treatment starts, we’ll talk about your medical and gynecological history and any previous pregnancy experiences. I’ll ask about your lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, energy and fitness levels. When you’re happy that fertility reflexology is right for you, we’ll plan your course of reflexology treatments which ideally would be once per week through each menstrual cycle. 

Fertility reflexology is for men as well as women. Both partners should undergo fertility testing before starting treatment and where possible they should attend the initial consultation together.

Reproflexology TM has also been found to be effective with other gynecological disorders for example:
  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  Ovarian Cysts

Premenstrual Syndrome


Reproflexology TM  may also assist men with their own hormone imbalances such as low testosterone and progesterone, resulting in low libido, poor sperm quality, motility etc.  

Low Testosterone – Libido/Fatigue
  Sperm Motility, Morphology & Motility

Fertility Reflexology has become by far one of my most frequent treatments alongside my prenatal work and I very much look forward to providing you and your partner a place where trust, hope and positivity are part of your journey to parenthood.

A testimonial and recommendation of how reflexology has helped to support with fertility from the Association of Reflexologists 

Find your fertile days and ovulation date, know when you ovulate and always get the timing just right.



Barbara Scott gives the facts about the success rates of Reflexology.

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