Having been trained by the amazing Ziggie Bergman who is the UK’s leading expert in Facial Reflexology, a renowned teacher and healer, her advice and work has been featured in magazines such as Tatler and Harpers Bazaar and she has an A List Celebrity following. 

What Is A Zone Face Lift?

This is a holistic face lift like no other! This treatment lifts your mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling utterly relaxed and stress free.

Regular treatments can prove to be a natural, non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to Botox and Fillers. This treatment is also renowned for removing as much as 10 years of aging over a 12-week programme. Rebalancing the body’s natural energy and promoting its own healing mechanisms, the additional specialist techniques work towards:

Naturally stimulating collagen and elastin from the inside out

Tighten, plump, sculpt the neck line

Smooth and lift the face, leaving a glowing complexion after the first treatment

Be calming and uplifting, with all the health benefits of foot Reflexology

The Zone Face Lift is more than a treatment, it's an experience. Your well being is an investment; a journey to complete to health and happiness, inside and out.


If you have had other facial treatments such as Botox or facial fillers, you must allow at least 3 weeks to pass before booking a new facial treatment.