During pregnancy, you go through significant changes that will affect the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of your body. 

Reflexology can help to alleviate discomfort arising from this imbalance and restore the body's natural state of well-being and prepare you for labour and birth.

During pregnancy, regular treatments provide time for intense relaxation. This is beneficial for both you and your baby and can help with the following pregnancy conditions:

Nausea & Morning Sickness

Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Relief of Stress & Anxiety

Swelling of Feet & Ankles

Digestive Issues - Constipation & Heartburn

Backache & Sciatica


The Bergan Method of Facial Reflexology is built on a combination of a deeply restorative treatment focusing on Reflex pressure points on the face, which help stimulate the body's healing mechanisms and help to also improve circulation and nerve conduction encouraging the release of toxins from the body via the lymphatic system.

Facial Reflexology combines all of the therapeutic benefits of a holistic therapy with a touch of beautifying luxury! Clients often feel an inner calm and a real sense of wellbeing at the end of a treatment, as well as a more youthful, glowing complexion.

Facial Reflexology achieves this by improving blood and lymph flow, releasing muscle tension and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.


It is also very effective for alleviating ailments such as blocked sinuses, dry skin, headaches, lack of energy, dull complexion, and depression; as this therapy helps the body to work at its optimum level, boosting the immune system it can also help to fight off winter colds and flu.  During the spring and summer months it is particularly effective in alleviating hay fever symptoms and allergies.

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Since Reflexology treats the whole person, not the symptoms of disease, most people benefit from reflexology.


The therapy brings relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions as well as reducing the stresses and strains of everyday life, revitalising energy levels and it’s suitable for all ages.


Alternatively it can simply be an hour of ‘me’ time in your busy day, allowing you time to switch off and simply enjoy the sense of relaxation and natural feelings of wellbeing.

Foot reflexology is beneficial for just some of the following:-

Stress. IBS. Back pain. Digestive disorders. Headaches. Insomnia, Energy levels, Menopause & many more conditions.


Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) is award winning reflexology technique developed by Sally Kay BSc(Hons), which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. (Unlike Manual Lymph Drainage there is no need for the client to disrobe, only socks and shoes need to be removed)


Although initially developed whilst working in Cancer Care, to help with lymphoedema, further evidence suggests RLD is useful for the following auto-immune disorders

Lymphoedema elsewhere in the body

Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 





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Reproductive Reflexology (or Reproflexology™) can be used as a stand-alone treatment to enhance your natural fertility and 

compliments assisted conception too. 

Reproflexology helps to improve fertility and overall health by balancing hormones, reducing stress and restoring balance in the body.


It is suitable for men and women and both partners are encouraged to attend treatments as part of an overall holistic approach to improving fertility.

My role is to provide support both emotionally and physically during your journey to parenthood.