Lending a Helping Hand


Every part of the body, including your organs, is matched by a corresponding reflex point on your hands. Applying pressure to the reflex points on your hands stimulates nerve impulses that travel to the corresponding body area. These impulses produce a relaxation response. As muscles relax, blood vessels open, increasing circulation, which increases the amount of available oxygen and nutrients that get to cells in that part of the body.

Newborn Baby Foot


Children's Reflexology is nurturing and gentle, it is an ideal modality for little feet.  The gentle pressure that is used can help with allergies, digestion (colic, upset stomachs, constipation), insomnia, bed wetting, teething problems and more. Children of all ages benefit greatly and I am happy to teach parents how to give their children treatments at home.



Reflexology can help with specific symptoms and regular treatments can help your body to sustain optimum health and may be ideal as a preventative measure.
Reflexology treatments can help to boost circulation, eliminate toxins, improve the central nervous system and the immune system.
During a treatment, I will apply pressure to the reflex areas on your feet and note any areas of imbalance. Some areas may be tender depending on the individual but this is usually only transient. Most of my clients have a feeling of relaxation and improved sense of well-being after a treatment.