What is Baby Reflex?

Baby Reflex is a series of specially adapted Reflexology Techniques originally developed for increasing that all important bonding between parents and babies. Further development of the techniques have enabled parents to ease and relieve many normal baby discomforts in their own child.

Baby Reflex has proved to be very popular with both parents and young children and is safe to use with babies aged 4 weeks and onwards.

How did Baby Reflex begin?

Jenny Lee, MCSP MAR, who is both a Chartered Physiotherapist and a Qualified Reflexologist has been working with mothers and young children for many years. Jenny has also carried out several pilot research studies in conjunction with those children’s GPs, which were designed to examine the effects of Reflexology treatments on asthmatic children. 

The results of those studies revealed numerous benefits for those children for example reduced asthma; better sleep patterns; greater ability to relax; a much improved “quality of life “, and, perhaps, most important of all, an enjoyment by those children, of the actual reflexology treatment!

Baby reflexology is taught over three sessions usually spaced a week apart so you have time to practice your new skills before learning more. These sessions last around half an hour and can be added to your regular reflexology session if you are a client and coming in for a treatment also I'm very happy to teach as a stand alone class too.  The workshops cover:

  • Feeding & Digestion 
  • Sleeping & Comforting
  • Wellbeing

Please give me a call to discuss the Baby Reflex Course in more detail.